Server Management

Dedicated Server ManagementNot all dedicated hosting services were created equal. In considering whether dedicated server hosting is the best choice for you, it is also important to know about the different levels of service that dedicated web hosting providers offer in terms of server management.

Some dedicated hosting plans include a fully managed server, in which case the web hosting provider takes care of all of the day-to-day management of the dedicated server, including reboots, software patches, security and operating system updates, etc. without the client’s intervention. For a client who does not want to take care of these tasks themselves, this may be a very convenient option. The downside to it is the lack of client autonomy in server management. If you prefer to perform such tasks yourself, you might want to opt for a self-managed or an unmanaged server. With these plans, you are in fully in charge of your dedicated server, with minimal or no support from the web hosting provider.

If you do not want either of the two extremes, there are also moderately managed servers, simply called “managed servers,” which include a moderate level of management support by the web hosting provider, but also provide you with some autonomy and responsibility in maintaining your server. It is also important to keep in mind that there are no universal standards that define what a “fully managed” or a “self-managed” server plan includes””these services depend fully on the individual web hosting provider. Virtually all dedicated hosting providers, however, do take responsibility for keeping their networks secure.