Dedicated Hosting AdvantagesAs you consider various web hosting options, it is good to keep in mind some of the unique advantages of a dedicated server. As suggested by the name, a dedicated server is reserved for one client exclusively, as opposed to a shared server, which may host content by multiple clients”‚ÄĚsometimes hundreds, even thousands. With a dedicated hosting plan, you can often have the operating systems of your choice, and, depending on the plan, you have various degrees of freedom and responsibility in managing your server (see Server Management).

Dedicated servers usually include powerful hardware capacity, tailored to your needs, whether you want to host video streams, game servers, blogs, etc.

If you choose a plan which includes extensive management services provided by the dedicated server host, you have the double convenience of having a private, exclusive server while, at the same time, not having to worry about software, security, and operating system updates, server reboots, and general server maintenance. While dedicated server hosting is one of the more costly options of web hosting services, you are also likely to get your money’s worth if you decide to make this extra investment.

Having a dedicated server with some level of management by the web hosting provider may be very convenient for small- and medium-size enterprises that need the convenience of a private, exclusive server, managed partly or fully by the provider, but may not have the resources to own and maintain their own high-powered network infrastructure.